Experience the Height of Comfort at 40,000 Feet

We offer in-flight bedding solutions to optimize your comfort needs. Our exclusive memory foam design ensures unsurpassed luxury and in-flight comfort. Our mattresses are customized to accommodate your seating specifications as well as any interior, and are lightweight, easy to store, and unfold in seconds. Each mattress can be customized and designed with optimal comfort levels of firmness as well as any thickness. Our production development team has not only maximized comfort, we have added an optional feature to enhance safety through the use of an innovative material that complies with the FAR 25.853(C) burn test. Each custom-made piece features the highest quality, innovative memory foam designed for exceptional postural support. A reinforced top-stitch inner cover with surged inner seam adds durability and our high-thread-count, stain-resistant cotton outer cover helps you sleep exceptionally well. It’s both easy to remove and machine-washable.

Our job is to understand your unique needs, then formulate the perfect solution for your aircraft using the latest innovative technology. Whatever your aircraft needs, we can help you make the right decision to “Sleep As Well As You Fly!”

Club Mattress - Houndstooth

Club Mattress

Quickly adjust your club seating into a comfortable individual bed for relaxing and jet lag free travel. 

Divan Mattress - Houndstooth

Divan Mattress

Convert your divan seating area into a luxurious bed to rest and relax on while traveling.

Dual Divan Mattress - Houndstooth

Dual Divan Mattress

Combine your berthable divans into a custom designed queen or king size configuration.

Conference Mattress - Houndstooth

Conference Mattress

Transform your cabin from boardroom to bedroom with our Conference Mattress Set.

Why Choose IFBS?

Learn why In-Flight Bedding Solutions has the best product for your aircraft and how we differ from similar products.